GAEA’s Purpose

GAEA is an organization of like-minded people dedicated to bringing forth new forms of technology that benefit humanity. We often call them benevolent technologies.


The technologies we support are not owned by any individual, company or country. They are gifted to humanity by their inventors because of their unique ability to improve the human condition. Contributing Inventors and Creationists receive lifetime royalty compensation according to the accumulating value of the inventions they’ve created.


PROJECT BIA, is an active project, concentrating on tech and product designs that generate electricity using Zero Point Energy [ZPE]. We’re creating small self-contained devices to power our homes, vehicles and portable devices with unlimited, non-metered, off-grid electricity. Electricity that is clean, safe and reliably powered by the inexhaustible electromagnetic energy that surrounds us and is free to use.


GAEA Research Company was formed with 12 original founders who recognized a serious problem and conceived a solution in mid-2017. Each of our founders possess different talents. Quickly, we realized that we had everything we need to succeed.  We knew like-minded people with passion, united in a common purpose could make a difference simply by doing.  We agreed that money was not the objective – but rather saving humanity by doing all the good we could to change the path we’re on.  Since then we’ve been working together as volunteers, using our willpower and our own reserves to make this vision – reality.

The most remarkable thing happened. Suddenly, the talent, resources and wherewithal needed to move our project forward began to appear in front of us, step-by-step, each with a certain precision and synchronicity that convinces us it’s not mere coincidence but something more like spiritual navigation.

Feeling Inspired?

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GAEA’s Constitution adopts four core principles forming a modern management philosophy following these guidelines;

  • Purpose: We exist to serve people, and for no other purpose.
  • Self-management:  Operating together based on peer relationships, without hierarchy or consensus our role leaders are empowered to make decisions and carry-out actions that benefit us all.
  • Wholeness:  Maintain a working culture that invites everyone to bring their full talents to fruition, enabling them to make the best contributions possible to achieve mutual purposes. [Comments, suggestions and opinions are candidly expressed and appreciated by all. Critique is welcome with compassion and without fear of rejection or retribution]
  • Evolutionary purpose:  We won’t try to control the future. Our organization has a sentient life of its own and a sense of direction guiding its progress. All Associates can participate in open meetings and committees, so everyone clearly understands the organization’s purpose, and what it wants to achieve allowing them to contribute effectively to enable us all to achieve our mutual purpose – serving people as best we can.

Members shall be compensated fairly and equally when fulfilling roles. Our stakeholders support the organization’s purposes and projects by purchasing ZPEcoins, a new cryptocurrency we’ve created using blockchain technology.


GAEA is a shared-asset organization that facilitates advancement of technologies for beneficial use by humanity. Our sole purpose is to provide all that is necessary for our inventors and creationists to bring life-improving technologies to forward to benefit all. This includes funding, scientific expertise and resources.

GAEA does not sell the products it it helps to create. Approved products are licensed and sold under the Infinergy™ brand via 3rd-party partnerships.  The Infinergy™ brand assures quality control of the materials and processes used by our worldwide partners, local manufacturers and distributors.

Infinergy™ products meet stringent criteria;

  1. Open-sourced,
  2. No war-like uses, and
  3. Solves a problem that improves people’s lives.

GAEA doesn’t operate like a typical big business corporation. We have specific titles, only roles of responsibility. Our individual roles determine our responsibilities. Members may hold one or more roles of responsibility. Roles are typically formed in groups;

  • Contributors – Inventors, Creationists and Leadership Roles
  • Associates – People devoted to significant Roles for GAEA.
  • Volunteers – People who support and promote GAEA.
  • Stakeholders – people who own ZPEcoin.

You can become a member by registering on our site. Members become stakeholders by owning ZPEcoin.