ZPEcoin is a cryptocurrency created to fund research and development of advanced technologies that benefit humanity. GAEA’s first project [BIA] concentrates on new forms of energy, called Zero Point Energy or ZPE.  Our inventors are mastering ZPE tech allowing us to design devices that will provide us with off-grid clean, unlimited electricity. 


ZPE technologies are not new. We’ve known about them for 100-years since Tesla’s 1917 Wardenclyffe experiments. Many other inventors have created similar inventions, but they’ve all been withheld from public benefit. Unwitting inventors who attempted to patent their innovations  were denied, or slapped with national security orders and other actions that made their good faith intentions impossible. Recognizing a different approach was needed, several courageous people searched their conscience and came up with a creative solution.  Do the opposite.

  • Don’t hide the tech – make it open source.
  • Don’t try to hoard it – gift it to humanity.
  • Don’t be mysterious – do it with the whole world watching.
  • Empower people to do what our leaders have not.

Some may say this approach is contrary to business logic, yet we’re convinced it works because all new Infinergy products will only be sold using ZPEcoin only. By creating our own digital currency, we’re liberating ourselves from the oil-based economy that currently controls the type, amount and price of the electricity we use. 

zpecoin offer

On March 1st 2018 GAEA launched ZPEcoin, our cryptocurrency supporting development of new technologies.  ZPEcoin is currently valued at $5.00 each and has not yet been listed on the open-exchange trade market.  This is by strategic design.  Once we release ZPEcoin to the open-market, its value [up & down] will be controlled by the open market forces.

We have several large opportunities brewing. Once we have secured one of these opportunities under contract, we’ll consider releasing ZPEcoin to the open market provided it will result in the price of ZPEcoin going up.

Until that time, ZPEcoin can only be traded privately.  You can purchase and hold ZPEcoin on our site or transfer them to your private ERC20 compatible wallet.    Remember only 30 million coins are created and we are optimistic they will soar in value once released. That’s our strategy to increase your value.

In the meantime, your coin purchases are funding the important work you support. We are carefully managing every dime and funds are being used only to support development.  Most of our team remain as dedicated full-time volunteers.

The MyAccount section of our ZPEcoin website is functioning well. There you can get instructions for setting up and managing your ZPEcoins.

Soon our My ZPEcoins will be up and running, which will allow you to monitor transactions, send and receive your coins and manage your account.

Stay-tuned as we make progress in building value for all stakeholders while also achieving our mission too.





When you order ZPEcoin, your coins will appear in your ZPEcoin wallet, here on this site after beginning May 1st 2018. 

Your wallet is like your bank account.  Your wallet displays your balance and allows you to buy, sell and trade ZPEcoins.  Wallet orders are processed according to standard ERC20 blockchain practices and protocols.

You may also transfer control of your ZPEcoin assets to a private wallet if you desire.

As you can see, ZPEcoin is its own ecosystem of support and value. While your money is working to produce the technologies that can help improve the human condition, it maintains purchasing power, has convertibility to other currencies, and just might increase your personal worth simply by owning it.


Convert Bitcoins to Cash US Dollars Automatically

ZPEcoin can be used to purchase services via C2C2.

C2C2 Coin-to-cash and Cash-to-coin, is a web and telephone-based service with live operators available to assist you with purchasing and trading cryptocoin you want to own, like ZPEcoin or Bitcoin.

C2C2 can link your existing credit card to draw from your cryptocurrency account – allowing you to purchase anything you want.  C2C2 offers a secure browser-based connection for voice, video, chat, texting and screen sharing communications.

GAEA plans to offer numerous other services accessible by your ZPEcoins;

  • Purchase Infinergy™ ZPE products
  • Contributor access to evaluate inventor project designs
  • Manufacturer franchisee access to our distribution program
  • Installation and maintenance services of ZPE products
  • Educational certification courses
  • Webinar training curriculum
  • Experiential retreats