GAEA is an organization of inventors, partners and volunteers – growing rapidly since our founding in December 2017.  Our focus is to facilitate garage-to-consumer delivery of life-changing benevolent technologies from independent inventors all over the world. Once these technologies are released, they’ll have a profoundly beneficial affect for us all.


GAEA Research Company [GAEA] has created new pathways for the development of advanced technologies.  Our initial goal is to deliver new-energy designs to build products and devices that will produce usable AC and DC electricity from the zero point energy field. 

One very promising technology is our RPP [Radiant Power Panel].  RPP harvests stellar background radiation [SBR].  SBR can be ubiquitously adapted to hundreds of products and applications, from solar panel replacement and electric vehicles, to portable power packs and cellular phone devices.


GAEA’s goal is to provide and implement 1.5-billion unlimited electricity producing devices by 2030, installed in our cities, homes, vehicles and villages throughout the world.


We’re on the way to achieving our majestic goals through the grassroots support of like-minded people like you.  We’re also forging franchise-type partnerships with qualified companies who are committed to make, sell, install and support new energy devices in their local territories.   
Free-energy science is real and it’s proven. We’ve known about it for over a hundred years. Now it’s time to make it reality for us all.
Let’s face it; our governments and corporations have not, and will not, do it for us.


GAEA supports independent inventors who hold the technologies that can change our world for the better.  Using GAEA’s own cryptocurrency – ZPEcoin, we’re supporting the development of our inventor’s promising work.  GAEA is focused on new-energy development first because it’s the catalyst to the paradigmatic change needed to produce the daily energy we rely on for nearly everything.  

We believe; (i) access to free-energy is a right of mankind, (ii) it was given to us by the very cosmos we live in, (iii) using this gift of free-cosmic energy is critical to our short-term survival.


Our approach recognizes the $2-quadrillion energy industry (now to 2040) is the world’s largest economy.  Today, this economy is controlled by a few multi-national companies that burn non-renewable fuels and sell metered usage to us that is distributed over a vulnerable wired grid. The cumulative effects of this 100+ year practice has caused countless conflicts and now threatens our environmental well-being.

The consensus is that free-energy will fix this problem.  Many believe clean, free-energy is the route-source of a global renaissance that will save our environment by improving the quality of our air, water, food and ultimately our very survival.


ZPEcoin [ZPE] is GAEA’s own cryptocurrency, launched on March 1st, 2018. It’s the best vehicle we could choose for everyone to participate. ZPEcoin has been the sole support for our rapid development of new-energy technology. Tremendous progress is being made.  Every dollar raised to date, has been directly invested in development. 

We’re rapidly working towards delivering our first designs based on RPP Technology. GAEA had begun offering country-wide License grants for manufacturing and distribution partners around the globe.  Contact us to learn more.

RPP – Radiant Power Panel, GEN2.    Watch Demo     GEN3 coming soon.    

RPP GEN2 panel


By purchasing ZPEcoin you will become a member of our support community and have privileged access to ZPE products.  You’ll also own a share in our success and your shares in ZPEcoin could increase in value. Most importantly, you’ll be helping to usher-in a superior future for humanity.

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How is GAEA GIVing BACK?

GAEA Energy Foundation is being established as a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to gift free electricity where it is most needed throughout the world.

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