Name: Gravity Pump

Date started: Nov 2017

Value: $1T+

Creationists:  Dr. Nigel Cheese – Project to be expanded to 8 scientists in 2018.

Status: Conceptual design completed. Undergoing testing of prototypes for residential and commercial development.


The Gravity Pump is a self-contained pumping system that can move a quantity of fluid over distance with no external power source.

Inventor’s Project Description: 

The Gravity Pump project was conceptualized to provide irrigation where the cost of traditional methods is prohibitive or impossible. The Gravity Pump system would also provide lower operating and maintenance costs when retrofitted and when installing new Pump-Pipe infrastructures.

Gravity Pump Diagram 1

Gravity Pump Diagram 2

Gravity Pump Diagram 3

Gravity Pump Diagram 4

Gravity Pump Diagram 5



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