About GAEA


GAEA Research Company [GAEA] is a worldwide organization of inventors, partners and volunteers. We’re creating new pathways to develop and deliver advanced, previously hidden technologies, which once released would profoundly benefit us all. 


Our purpose is to support independent inventors by helping them bring their life-changing technologies out of their labs and directly into peoples hands. 

Mission One

GAEA’s Mission is to provide and implement 1.5 billion unlimited energy electricity producing devices by 2030, powering our homes, cars and cities throughout the world.


Our initial goal is to develop and deliver advanced new-energy product designs that produce clean, non-metered electricity for everyday use.  

Advanced Technologies

The universe has gifted us with an abundant supply of energy to power all our needs. It’s an inexhaustible source of clean, free energy that’s ours for the taking.  Advanced technologies allowing us to access this fuel free energy have been suppressed and hidden from us for nearly 100-years.


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