What is ZPE?

 Zero Point Energy – ZPE

ZPE – Zero Point Energy is the generic term we use to describe the electromagnetic energy found everywhere in our cosmos.  ZPE manifests in spectral frequencies of continually vibrating waves of energy that permeate the universe.  Every atom, person, planet and galaxy each have an electromagnetic field that surrounds them.  GAEA is working to harness and transform electromagnetic energy in all its forms into usable electricity.

For example, a nuclear bomb explosion is caused by smashing atoms together.  A tremendous amount of power exists in each atom. While GAEA scientists don’t smash anything together, our ZPE technology accesses the same power to safely convert it to usable electricity. Scientists calculate; there is enough energy in a square centimeter of empty space to power the earth’s needs for a day.

Is ZPE real?

The existence of Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is scientific fact.  Scientists describe it as the vibrational energy that molecules retain even at a temperature of absolute zero. [Zero kelvin (−273.15 °C) or (−459.67°F)

Modern science has also identified the ZPE field as the Quantum Vacuum Flux Field. Foundational physicists Max Plank, Hendrick Casmir, Albert Einstein, T. Townsend Brown, Werner Heisenberg and others have long observed, analysed, and postulated quantum science-based theories and mathematical equations concerning Zero Point Energy’s existence.

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”


Most notably, Nikola Tesla demonstrated the extraction of usable electricity wirelessly from the atmosphere in his famous Wardenclyffe experiments in 1917.  He had already invented Alternating Current (AC), the same distribution method we use today to dole-out metered electricity to consumers worldwide, across a complex and vulnerable wired grid.

Tesla wanted to make wireless electricity freely available to the world when his altruistic intentions were thwarted by his investors and ultimately by other industrialists who aimed to control and perpetually dominate the fossil-fueled metered electric business. Thus far they’ve succeeded, but that is changing.

100-years of pollution and expense was entirely unnecessary.