ZPE History

Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck

Max  Planck [1858 – 1947] was a German theoretical physicist who coined the term “Zero-Point Energy” in 1911. Planck made many contributions to theoretical physics which revolutionized human understanding of atomic and subatomic processes. Most famously he postulated the “Planck Constant” a prime mathematical equation describing the measure of constant energy produced by an atom, for which he won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1918.

Max Planck [1858 - 1947]

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin [1706 – 1790] a founding father of the United States, conducted his famous kite-key experiment in 1752 proving that lightning was an electric flow between positive and negative points of conduction.

Dr. Franklin’s inquisitive genius lead him to conduct experiments with static electricity for which much was learned yet he sought no personal recognition.

Law of Conservation of Mass – First Law of Thermodynamics

“Energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed”. Antoine Lavoisier – 1785

Benjamin Franklin [1706 - 1790]

Michael Faraday



Michael Faraday [1791-1867] proved that a conductor carrying a direct current traveled according to a definable measurable electromagnetic field.

QUOTE: “Nothing is too wonderful to be true, if it be consistent with the laws of nature”



Michael Faraday [1791-1867]

Oliver Heaviside



Oliver Heaviside [1850-1925] a Physicist described as the “Maverick Mastermind of Electricity”. He was a self-taught electrical engineer, mathematician, and physicist.

Heaviside’s observations formed the conceptual basis of modern electromagnetism, which he expressed in mathematical formulas consisting of 20 equations in 20 variables. His work helped to improve the telegraph and developing telephone technologies.

QUOTE: “The well of truth is bottomless”




Oliver Heaviside [1850-1925]

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, [1856-1943]  is a prolific Serbian-American inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist who is best known for inventing the alternating current (AC) electricity supply system that is used throughout the world today.  While, Tesla amassed at least 278-patents in 26-countries he died indigent having made poor business decisions. Tesla has recently enjoyed a resurgence of popularity by recognition of the ongoing importance of his inventions, including Radio.

Tesla was a contemporary of Einstein but they often disagreed on basic scientific principles. He famously declined the 1915 Nobel Prize when he learned he was co-nominated with Thomas Edison, his first US employer. In 1901, Tesla received a $150,000 investment from J. P. Morgan for 51% interest, to construct a wireless transmission system (Radio) and built the Wardenclyffe Tower. During construction he discovered that he could also deliver wireless electricity, a capability he initially hid from Morgan because he intended to provide free-fuel electricity to the world.  Upon discovering Tesla’s altruistic motives, Morgan dismantled the Tower as he was heavily invested in providing metered electricity on a wired grid. Tesla was an eccentric and principled character. He released G. Westinghouse of his obligation to pay royalties on the AC electrical motor and many similar devices, upon which Westinghouse eventually made a fortune. In his later years, Tesla had to mortgage his assets to pay for living expenses in NY hotels until he died in January 1943 at age 86.

Nikola Tesla, [1856-1943]

Charles Proteus Steinmetz

Charles Proteus Steinmetz [1865 – 1923] a German-born American mathematician and electrical engineer. Steinmetz fostered the development of alternating current expanding the US electric power industry with ground-breaking discoveries and mathematical theories allowing engineers to design better electromagnetic apparatus equipment especially electric motors for use in industry.

Charles Proteus Steinmetz [1865 – 1923]

Thomas Townsend Brown


Thomas Townsend Brown, [1905-1985] is an American inventor whose research in to electrical phenomenon led him to observe the effects of electrohydrodynamics causing antigravity. He discovered the movement of charged particles would transfer their momentum to surrounding neutral particles and create an ionic wind.

In 1930 Brown enlisted and was assigned to the United States Naval Research Laboratory. He joined Glenn L. Martin Co, an aerospace defense contractor. In 1956, public discussion of his antigravity work suddenly went silent. In a 1979 publication; The Philadelphia Experiment: Project Invisibility, Brown’s technology was purported to be involved the US Navy’s October 28th 1943 experiment when the warship USS Eldridge was accidentally teleported and further claims that his tech is powering the B-2 Stealth Bomber.[7] There are further claims that his technology can be used to generate “free energy“.[15]

Thomas Townsend Brown, [1905-1985]

Dr. Paul Czysz,

Dr. Paul Czysz, a Disclosure Project contributor, worked at McDonnell Douglas Aerospace for over 30-years and was privy to Zero Point Energy among other advanced technologies they worked on. As a Lieutenant in the Air Force he recalls classified compartmentalized top secret projects emanating from the military to private contractors.

QUOTE: The Fabric of space is like an ocean of energy in which solid matter (planets) float

View Dr. Czycz’s testimony discussing his career and experiences working alongside owner, James McDonnel, [ZPE subject matter video 00:29:25] 

Dr. Paul Czysz, [1934 - 2013]

Hendrik Casimir

Hendrik Casimir, [1909-2000] a Dutch Physicist demonstrates the existence of energy produced from the zero-point field by facing metal sheets together in a vacuum. This reproducible experiment is known as the Casmir Effect.

The Casimir effect is a small attractive force that acts between two close parallel uncharged conducting plates. It is due to quantum vacuum fluctuations of the electromagnetic field. The effect was predicted and demonstrated with a prototype built by the Dutch physicist Hendrick Casimir in 1948. Casimir Effect

Hendrik Casimir, [1909-2000]

T. Henry Moray

  1. Henry Moray, [1892-1974]  In 1930, Moray produced a 50-Kw device that was widely demonstrated, evaluated and confirmed operational according to affidavits (page-160) signed by several independent electrical experts.  

Moray’s US patent application was denied for national security reasons. Moray wrote his ground-breaking book

The Sea of Energy in which the Earth Floats.

In the early 1900s, T Henry Moray developed several variations of devices that tapped the zero point quantum flux field. He called it “Radiant Energy”.  Moray was denied his 1931 patent filing and funding to produce these devices.

70-years later John, his son, was advised by an x-CIA investigator that his Dad’s withheld application had gone missing from US Patent office files.

On March 2nd, 1940 Moray was shot in his laboratory during a gunfight that erupted when he was invaded by the same intruders who had destroyed his Radiant Energy device with a sledge hammer in 1939. He survived weakened and relinquished his ambition to develop the technology.

T. Henry Moray, [1892-1974]

John R. R. Searl

John R. R. Searl [1932] created a promising magnetically driven, frictionless device –

The Searl Generator that reportedly produces 15-kW of 240AC electricity from the quantum flux field (ZPE) sufficient to run most homes.  

Professor Searl may have one of the most promising ZPE technologies however, development and commercial distribution of the Searl Generator lacks the appropriate funding to perfect it and ready his product for mass distribution.

John R. R. Searl [1932]

Stanley Allen Meyers

Stanley Allen Meyers [1940-1998] was a prolific inventor from Ohio who applied for more than 40 patents in a variety technologies. Most notably he developed the Water Fuel Cell, which split H2O into its component elements and burned hydrogen as fuel.  Meyer was painted a fraud but judge for yourself.

Meyers demonstrated his invention by retrofitting his device to automobiles using water fuel instead of gasoline, depicted in the 1995 film “It Runs on Water”Meyers died suddenly and mysteriously  in 1998. He and his brother were having a business lunch with two men, purported to be Belgian investors when he took a sip of cranberry juice, ran out and collapsed in the Cracker Barrel parking lot.  His brother Stephen, reported his last words; “They poisoned me”.

Stanley Allen Meyers [1940-1998]

Eugene Mallove

Eugene Mallove, [1947-2004] an American scientist, writer, and publisher received his PhD from Harvard and conducted important experiments in Cold Fusion at MIT, confirming the output of excess electric energy from tuned pulsed plasmas in vacuum arc discharges, in other words a method of producing ZPE.

In 2004, Mallove was mysteriously murdered in front of his boyhood home.Indeed, every ZPE inventor seeking patent protection has been denied the benefits of their discoveries. Moreover, those who persisted to bring their inventions to market have been threatened, financially destroyed, or have met sordid fates designed to bury their technology.  The same situation has occurred with advanced life-saving and life-extension medical breakthroughs, however that’s a subject for another business plan.

Eugene Mallove, [1947-2004]

John Charles Bedini

John Charles Bedini, [1947-2016] is an American inventor and pioneer of Free-energy technologies. Initially, in the 1970’s John created the BASE (Bedini Audio-Spacial Enhancer) producing a 3D sound processing system that remained at the forefront of audio sound processing until the 1990s.

He worked with Thomas Bearden, another famous free energy pioneer for 20 years. John and his brother, Gary, operated Bedini Electronics until they died within 4-hours of each other in November 6th. John wrote handbooks and manuscripts explaining portions of his discoveries.

The Bedini’s were aware of the fate of independent inventors who came before them and kept their discoveries secret for many years, Ultimately, John decided to demonstrate his tabletop devices in 2015 at the Energy Science and Tech Conference in Idaho.

Most famously, the Bedini SG device used a battery to run a motor while the majority of the electricity normally consumed was preserved by recycling it to recharge the battery, thereby creating a method far more efficient than traditional power sources.  Some of John’s devices are purported to be in private hands.

John Charles Bedini, [1947-2016]

Lt. Col Thomas Bearden

Lt. Col Thomas Bearden, [1930] is an American inventor and pioneer of  free-energy technologies. Col. Bearden is a leading conceptualist in alternate energy technologies, electromagnetic bio-effects, unified field theory concepts, and other related areas. Retired from the US Army he holds a Ph.D. and an M.S. in Nuclear Engineering from the Georgia Tech. In a turn of the century testimonial Interview, he speaks extensively about how it is possible to derive useable energy from the vacuum without violating laws of physics. He and others have built electromechanical devices which demonstrate free energy technology and explains how the technology has been historically suppressed and why scientists must urgently solve the energy problem.

Lt. Col Thomas Bearden, [1930]

Hal E. Putoff, PhD,

Hal E. Putoff, PhD, [1936] is an American electrical engineer and futurist. Dr Putoff received his PhD from Stanford University and has worked in several US Top-secret US government research projects including NASA and the Department of Defense.  He currently holds the position of Vice President of Science and Technology of TTS Academy. He’s a 30-year pioneer in the study of free-energy technologies. In 2002, he published; “Engineering the Zero-Point Field and Polarizable Vacuum for Interstellar Flight”. In this interview titled; Hidden Energy, Dr Putoff speaks about his experiences and the future potential for Zero Point Energy [ZPE].

Hal E. Putoff, PhD, [1936]

Lee, Yang and Wu

Lee, Yang and Wu winning a Nobel Prize in 1957, provided experimental proof of Electromagnetic energy being continuously poured out with no observable energy input.

The Nobel Prize in Physics 1957 was awarded jointly to Chen Yang and Tsung-Dao (T.D.) Lee “for their penetrating investigation of the so-called parity laws which has led to important discoveries regarding the elementary particles.


Eric Dollard

Eric Dollard is a contemporary electrical engineer and mathematician purported to be the only man who has accurately reproduced Tesla’s experiments with Radiant Energy and wireless transmission of power. Four videos were produced in 1987 and 1988 titled: Free Energy Research,Transverse and Longitudinal Electric Waves, Tesla’s Longitudinal Electricity, and The Four Quadrant Theory. Mr. Dollard is also claimed to have been the only man to replicate Tesla’s wireless electricity transmission.

Eric Dollard

Ken Wheeler

Ken L. Wheeler, is a contemporary freethinker who propounds the grand unifying theory that Electricity, Dielectricity, Gravity, & Magnetism, are the same. Ken teaches with a certain colorful eloquence in nearly 4,000 videos published on his Youtube channel: “Theoria Apophasis”

Magnetism gives volume and definition to 100% of the Universe. Magnetism manifests as a reciprocating processional hyperparaboloid.

The principles that rule the entire Universe are; Force and Motion – Inertia and Acceleration. ~~~ “Like Edison’s lamp, my induction motor may be discarded and forgotten in the continuous evolution of the electric motor and its arts, but my rotating magnetic field with its marvelous phenomena and manifestations of force will last as long as science itself”. TESLA

Ken Wheeler