What is Zero Point Energy

Zero Point Energy [ZPE] is found in the electromagnetic [EM] energy that surrounds us. Every thing and every atom has its own electromagnetic field. ZPE is part of all living and nonliving substances found on earth and throughout the universe.    ZPE exists even within the air that surrounds us.

The process of converting usable electricity from potential energy inherent in every substance, is centered in the zero point energy field.

For example, a magnet has poles that EM energy flows to and from. EM fields manifest in a toroidal (donut) shaped flow.  The infinitesimally small vortex center of an electromagnetic field is where zero point energy exists.


The existence of Zero Point Energy (ZPE) is scientific fact.  Scientists describe it as the vibrational energy that molecules retain even at a temperature of absolute zero. [Zero kelvin (−273.15 °C) or (−459.67°F)

Modern science has also identified the ZPE field as the Quantum Vacuum Flux Field. Foundational physicists Max Plank, Hendrick Casmir, Albert Einstein, T. Townsend Brown, Werner Heisenberg and others have long observed, analysed, and postulated quantum science-based theories and mathematical equations concerning Zero Point Energy’s existence.

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

Albert Einstein – 1907

Einstein Photo

“Physicists have calculated that a single square centimeter of seemingly empty space contains enough potential electricity to power the earth’s needs for a day. ZPE technology is the transformation of this potential energy with a higher degree of efficiency than the other methods used today.”

Dr. Brian O’Leary, Former NASA Astronaut and Princeton Physics Professor.


we’ve known about zpe for 100 years

Most notably, Nikola Tesla demonstrated the extraction of usable electricity wirelessly from the atmosphere in his famous Wardenclyffe experiments in 1917.  He had already invented Alternating Current (AC), the same distribution method we use today to dole-out metered electricity to consumers worldwide, across a complex and vulnerable wired grid.

Tesla wanted to make wireless electricity freely available to the world when his altruistic intentions were thwarted by his investors and ultimately by other industrialists who aimed to control and perpetually dominate the fossil-fueled metered electric business. Thus far they’ve succeeded, but that is changing.

100-years of pollution and expense was entirely unnecessary.


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