Powering Our Future

ZPEcoin is GAEA’s own cryptocurrency specially designed to fund the important New-Energy projects we care about.  Zero Point Energy or ZPE is the term we use because it refers to a new source of free, un-metered electricity to power our homes, vehicles and lives.  This new-energy source is the very cosmos we live in.

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ZPE energy is everywhere

ZPE is abundant and Free

Nikola Tesla told us about this gift from the universe over 100-years ago, but many never heard his message because his amazing technology was suppressed, in favor of the AC electric grid, due to the greed and avarice of a few. 

ZPEcoin is important because it allows us to move our global energy purchasing power ($65-trillion in 2018) to the decentralized control of energy consumers.

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Free Energy Examples

Today the cat’s out of the bag and many independent scientists are creating products that give us access to free power. We’re already seeing new-energy products trickling into the market, powering small electronic devices, like watches, flashlights, speakers and even door bells.  These devices use a variety of methods to extract free-power including bioelectromechanical systems, nanogenerators and kinetic methods, which convert mechanical energy into electricity.

But it’s just the beginning!

A Step Up

GAEA is focusing is on developing new-energy technologies to power our homes, businesses and vehicles.  Large scale new-energy products that will not only save us money on the monthly electric bill, but provide self-powered, portable, off-grid access to electricity. Not to mention saving our planet’s environment.  


  1.  Free energy has been gifted to us by the universe.
  2.  Like sunlight, wind, air and rain, access to free-energy is a right of mankind.
  3. Using this gift is critical to the survival of humanity.